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The Radiologic Industry has not had a true champion for the utilization of secure internet cloud-based imaging transfers. Difficulty navigating firewalls, assumed security concerns, and lack of easy and consistent user formatting has disabled the radiologic industry from moving forward. Piosoft presents a novel idea; make radiologic imaging transfer available to all. PaperPlanes is a revolutionary product that provides a secure, intuitive and fully comprehensive imaging transfer package. This affordable package allows any Office, Clinic or Hospital to send, receive or refer images to anyone whether or not they subscribe to PaperPlanes

  • Ease of use

    Highly intuitive user interface allows for little or no training for first time user. No software installations required, work from any computer.


    Ease of use

    Piosoft’s concept is simple: engineer software that is so user friendly that people will use again and again. This starts and ends with the intuitiveness of the features and simple navigable dashboards that are self-explanatory and require little or no training.

    Many programs in the market are standardized with overly complex and excessive features creating difficulty with the simplest task navigation. Once a program has proven difficult to use, there is a high likelihood that your staff will not return, and the software has proven to be ineffective. PaperPlanes easy to use format enables your Office, Clinic or Hospital to gain efficiency and universalize your method of imaging transfer throughout your network.

  • Increase Referral Revenues

    Collaborative referral system increases requests for interpretation on second opinion studies. Interface for Non-Affiliated users simplifies referrals with minimal registration.


    Increase Referral Revenues

    Mailing a CD of burned imaging studies has proven to be an ineffective, costly and time consuming method with no promise of guaranteed interpretation, and is riddled with billing difficulties. With digital imaging transfers, the greatest difficulty has always been the harmonization of standard software program both in-network and outof-network. This issue greatly limited the network of affiliated senders and receivers available for referral revenues.

    PaperPlanes presents a clear solution for your referral business that knows no boundaries. Through the extensive security of Piosoft’s cloud based server, any image can be freely exchanges from one office to another within minutes. Sending or receiving offices are granted access by the PaperPlanes affiliate and images are easily exchanged at no additional cost or upgrade. Inbox study notifications, client management and billing are all easily managed within PaperPlanes by the end user, and referrals suddenly become easily manageable for a realistic growth of profits from referral studies with unlimited potential.

  • Increase Patient Quality Care

    Immediate availability of patient imaging. Retrieve from any institution, in or out of network. Reduce repeat imaging for patients.


    Increase Patient Quality Care

    At Piosoft, we are driven by the desire to improve patient care. For each person that requires medical imaging, every moment counts toward their well-being. Delays in the transfer of images to the reading doctor or Technician can be damaging to the patient or even life threatening. One of the greatest benefits of successful imaging transfer with PaperPlanes is the reduction of patient exposure to radiation as a result of redundant imaging due CD malfunction or misplacement.

    Real-time imaging transfers are also critical for the reduction of patient overall discomfort. Successful and timely imaging transfers also save money by reducing repeat imaging and appointment rescheduling, and save time for doctor and patient alike, improving the overall patient experience.

  • Customized Workflow

    Comprehensive imaging software solution. Tailored workflows designed around the current and future institution needs..


    Customized Workflow

    For imaging transfer software, one size does not fit all. Piosoft treats each client as an individual and understands that everyone’s needs may be different. This is why PaperPlanes allows for extensive end-user Comprehensive imaging software solution.

    All features are included within our comprehensive package and there are no additional modules to purchase. Piosoft engineers easily integrate your PaperPlanes software with your company’s needs and formal training is provided to your staff, and never at any additional charges to you.

  • Save Time! Go Green! Reduce Spending!

    Transfer all of your imaging electronically. Eradicate the need for mailing CD’s by Postal Service. End failure rates associated with corrupted CD's from patient's walk-ins.


    Save Time! Go Green! Reduce Spending!

    In this modern technological age, it is unacceptable that the primary mode of imaging transfer is still conducted by burning images onto a CD, then allowing these valuable images to be delivered by either patient or postal service. Many times a CD is lost in transit, and other times the CD is corrupt and cannot be read. Your resources are important and failed imaging transfer costs you plenty.

    Your money is being wasted buying CD’s, paying postal fees and performing redundant imaging due to failures. Your time is being wasted waiting for delivery or having to reschedule appointments or redundant imaging. And everybody suffers with the wasteful carbon foot-print of thousands and thousands single-use CD’s that are generated each year by the imaging industry, as well as the carbon foot-print produced during delivery.

  • 24/7 Support

    Highly trained on-call personnel are always available to address any technical questions or user concerns. Support plan included with membership at no additional cost.


    24/7 Support

    Each client of Piosoft is important and their issues are too. Piosoft offers continual 24/7 support by qualified technicians for any issues you encounter during use of PaperPlanes. Our support phones are answered by Live people and you are never put through a help desk ordering system or asked to receive a call back.

    Your call will be escalated to the appropriate software engineers that are ready to respond regardless of the situation. We understand the urgency of your time and will do anything possible to make sure your use of PaperPlanes is uninterrupted.

One of the greatest problems plaguing the radiologic industry is the free exchange of images. Issues regarding facility PACS firewalls and overpriced, incomplete software have disabled progress toward universal access. Radiology is Billion-dollar industry that continually advances radiological medicine and diagnostic systems, yet still depends on antiquated system of CD burning and postal service to deliver the images. Many times the CD may arrive corrupt and force duplicate images to be taken at great expense to the Hospital and patient alike. PaperPlanes invites you to stop perpetuating and never again wait for an image to arrive, trusting it is readable.

Piosoft’s user-friendly interface and advanced security have made effective, safe, fast image transferring a reality for everyone. PaperPlanes is an all-inclusive package customizable to your workflow with no additional modules to purchase ever. PaperPlanes eliminates large capital investments and expensive PACS system upgrades, converting your investment to operating costs. With PaperPlanes PACS-free secure storage, you will reduce the burden on your PACS and eliminate your internal IT support needs. PaperPlanes is a comprehensive solution to an industry wide problem.

If you have ever wondered what it takes to produce a highly successful referral program at your facility there is an answer – PaperPlanes. The new comprehensive software [SaaS] from Piosoft enables high success transferring of radiologic industries between any clinics. The easy-to-use program enables transferring and receiving of images to the clinics of your choice. Grant licensed access to your referring partners, along with a link to a simplified interface and quick registration process, enabling effortless capabilities for referral requests.

Create and manage inboxes of frequent providers, or create one-time use records as needed. View images from anywhere by mobile phone, tablet or PC with the exclusive PaperPlanes viewer. Receive notifications on the device of your choice when studies are available ensuring timely response and satisfied customers. Unique features within PaperPlanes encourage the request for interpretations when a study is requested. A satisfied referring customer is a repeat customer. PaperPlanes is designed to be an all-inclusive, comprehensive solution no additional modules to purchase. This one investment gains you access to unlimited potential for increasing your referral network and developing a new highly profitable business model for your Hospital, clinic or practice..

Patients want to know. In fact they have the right to know. And one thing you can do for them as their Healthcare provider is encourage them to access their own images. Patients are empowered with their own well-being through image access, and the ability to make images available to any provider as needed. Easy access encourages patient preparedness for following visits without dependence on CD transport. Patients pay minimal fee for their access and indefinite retention of their images on the Piosoft cloud server.

Success in the Healthcare Industry is dependent on patient health and happiness. With PaperPlanes, patients are now part of the solution.

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